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2: Gothic art style or decoration specifically: the Gothic architectural style. 3: the East Germanic language of the Goths see Indo-European Languages Table. 4 often not capitalized: a novel, film, or play in the gothic style. Other Words from Gothic.
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2000, Paul Frankl, Paul Crossley, Gothic Architecture, Yale University Press ISBN, page 258: The Gothic style did not cease to exist: it did, however, cease to be all-powerful, and it almost ceased to create new forms. Gothic architects had by this time drawn every possible conclusion from the premises which had been laid down.
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Look up Gothic in Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Gothic or Gothics may refer to.: 1 People and languages. 2 Art and architecture. 5 Modern culture and lifestyle. 10 See also. People and languages edit. Goths or Gothic people, the ethnonym of a group of East Germanic tribes. Gothic language, an extinct East Germanic language spoken by the Goths. Crimean Gothic, the Gothic language spoken by the Crimean Goths, also extinct. Gothic alphabet, one of the alphabets used to write the Gothic language. Gothic Unicode block, a collection of Unicode characters of the Gothic alphabet. Art and architecture edit. Gothic art, a Medieval art movement. Gothic Revival architecture Neo-Gothic. High Victorian Gothic. Gothic fiction or Gothic Romanticism, a British literary genre. Gothic film, a 1986 film by Ken Russell. Gothic series, a video game series originally developed by Piranha Bytes Game Studios. Gothic video game, a 2001 video game developed by Piranha Bytes Game Studios. Modern culture and lifestyle edit. Goth subculture, a music-cultural scene. Gothic rock, a genre of rock music. Gothic metal, a genre of heavy metal music. 1 The" Gothic" Brian, a symphony by Havergal Brian. Gothic Paradise Lost album, 1991. Gothic Nox Arcana album, 2015.

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