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Hall quits National Gallery role after BBC turmoil over Diana interview. Cultural Capital: We explore VA's' new Alice in Wonderland exhibition and head to London's' West End. Culture Our Stories Festival to support a new generation of storytellers. The Evening Standard announces the first ever Stories Festival in association with Netflix.
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Middle English, from Old English fnung, from fnian to grow toward evening, from fen evening; akin to Old High German band evening and perhaps to Greek epi on. Keep scrolling for more. Learn More about evening. Post the Definition of evening to Facebook Share the Definition of evening on Twitter Time Traveler for evening.
evening Wiktionary.
A party or gathering held in the evening. 1980, Management Services page 50 A few Gorllewin Cymru/West Wales Branch members attended an evening at the Dragon Hotel, Swansea, titled Photographic Techniques in Industry. time of day: eve, eventide, undern UK dialect; see also Thesaurusevening.:
Evening Wikipedia.
Typically people do not leave somebody and say good" evening. Even if it is not night yet when one greets someone, they can greet them with good" evening" and when they leave, they say good" night, rather than saying good" evening" as a farewell, even though it may still be evening.

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