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A Roadster was designed from the outset as a convertible, rather than re-designed. A targa top consists of list out roof panels, not the convertible action. The coupe convertible CC has a folding metal roof, not fabric. Safer, but heavier.
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The 2019 Aston Martin DB11 coupe and convertible project an image of sophistication and style that hints at the raw power hidden within. See more Exotic Convertibles. Know what you want? See Other Categories. Browse New Convertible s By Make.
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dated, in the plural Interchangeable things or terms. vehicles A convertible car: a car with a removable or foldable roof able to convert from a closed to open vehicle and back again. finance A convertible security: a stock, bond, etc.
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3 The term cabriolet originated from a carriage cabriolet: a" light, two-wheeled, one-horse carriage with a folding top, capable of seating two persons, however, the term is also used to describe other convertibles. In the United Kingdom, the historical term for a two-door convertible is drophead coupé, and a four-door convertible was called an all-weather tourer.

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