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I have some ideas for redecorating the room. He has an idea for a movie. I'm' not sure what to do next. Do you have any ideas? She's' always full of new ideas. It's' a good idea to talk to people who have actually been there.
IDEA meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary.
idea about sth The CTO should have ideas about where the company needs to be heading in terms of technology. come up with/have an idea He came up with the idea of promoting the two products together. new/ fresh / innovative ideas.
Idea Wikipedia.
Simple ideas are the building blocks for much more complex ideas, and While the mind is wholly passive in the reception of simple ideas, it is very active in the building of complex ideas 12 Complex ideas, therefore, can either be modes, substances, or relations.
50 Profitable Side Hustle Ideas.
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While the synonyms concept and idea are close in meaning, concept may apply to the idea formed by consideration of instances of a species or genus or, more broadly, to any idea of what a thing ought to be. a society with no concept of private property.

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