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sequin on Wikipedia. sequin in the Encyclopædia Britannica 11th edition, 1911. Quines, quines, sinque. From Italian zecchino, from zecca mint, from Arabic sikka, die for coining, coin. IPA key: /s.k/. sequin m plural sequins. money zecchin, sequin. sequin Synonym: paillette.
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A Guide to the Glam Life, 14 May 2021 Her kit which is filled with every shape and color of sequin imaginable and then some, chunky gems, and smiley faces made of polymer clay is like a portal to a quirky fantasyland.
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5 External links. The name sequin" originates from the Venetian colloquial noun zecchino Venetian pronunciation: tsekino, meaning a Venetian ducat coin, rendered into French as sequin sk. The ducat stopped being minted after the Napoleonic invasion of Italy, and the name sequin was falling out of use in its original sense.

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