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WORDING meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary.
the words you choose to express something.: If the wording of a business letter is not carefully thought out, there can be legal consequences. exact/final/precise wording We need to seek legal advice on the precise wording of the contract. Definition of wording from the Cambridge Business English Dictionary Cambridge University Press.
Wording definition and meaning Collins English Dictionary.
British English: wording NOUN / wd /. The wording of a piece of writing or a speech are the words used in it, especially when these are chosen to have a particular effect. The two sides failed to agree on the wording of a final report.
WORDING noun definition and synonyms Macmillan Dictionary.
plain English / language / wording phrase. the words that are used in a particular piece of writing or speech. The wording of the proposal needs careful consideration. I cant recall the exact wording. Collocations and examples. Adjectives frequently used with wording.
Wording Definition of Wording by Merriam-Webster. Merriam-Webster Logo.
English Language Learners Definition of wording.: the way in which something is said or written: the words that are used to say something. See the full definition for wording in the English Language Learners Dictionary. wording wr-di Kids Definition of wording.:

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