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Favour Definition of Favour by Merriam-Webster.
Definition of favour. chiefly British spelling of favor. Learn More About favour. Post the Definition of favour to Facebook Share the Definition of favour on Twitter Dictionary Entries Near favour. See More Nearby Entries. Phrases Related to favour. all in favor.
FAVOUR meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary.
The Council voted in favour of a 200 million housing development. She is out of favour unpopular with her colleagues. Her economic theories are in favour popular with the current government. He sent her presents in an attempt to win her favour.
favour meaning of favour in Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English LDOCE.
9 gift countable American English GIVE a party favor 10 favours curry favour with somebody 2, without fear or favour, be thankful/grateful for small favours COLLOCATIONS verbs do somebody a favour do something for someone Could you do me a favour and lend me 5?
Favour definition and meaning Collins English Dictionary.
No one would look with favour on the continuing military rule. He has won favour with a wide range of interest groups. If you do someone a favour, you do something for them even though you do not have to.
In favour of definition and meaning Collins English Dictionary.
If one thing is rejected in favour of another, the second thing is done or chosen instead of the first. The policy was rejected in favour of a more cautious approach. Synonyms: for, backing, supporting, behind More Synonyms of in favour of.
favour Wiktionary.
favour f oblique plural favours, nominative singular favour, nominative plural favours. Late Anglo-Norman spelling of favor. Vous leur veulliez faire favour, ease et desport sanz faire a eux ou soeffrer estre fait de nully male, moleste, injurie, damage indehucee, destourbance ne empeschement en aucune manere.

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